Sunday, October 14, 2012

ESCAPE TO THE PAST WITH: The Celebrated Pedestrian by Suzanne Allain

I’ve entered countless Goodreads giveaways over the years but have yet to win a book – but that doesn’t matter. Scanning the contests has brought numerous books to my attention that I’ve ended up reading anyway, and many more that are still on my TBR someday list. One book that sounded like a quick, fun read was The Celebrated Pedestrian by Suzanne Allain. I didn’t win, but after doing some pretty heavy reading the past week or so (The Autobiography of Malcolm X for my book group - review coming up) and then being about halfway into another biography (Christine de Pizan. Her Life and Works. A Biography. By Charity Cannon Willard) I decided I needed a break. Glancing through my TBR list, I saw this light Regency Romance that had caught my attention. My library didn’t have it, but I could get it instantaneously on my ipad/kindle for just $3.99. Why not?

Faith Wentworth is a shy, intelligent young lady come to London for her first season. Her father, the famous sportsman, Captain Wentworth, has hired a chaperone to see to her debut since her mother is long dead. Thus far, husband-hunting has been a disaster. Faith is lovely enough, but the chaperone’s dogged man chasing scares the prospects away.

But then, the chaperone introduces Faith to Sir Anthony, who also has sporting ambitions. He is thrilled to meet Captain Wentworth’s daughter–it could be a means of meeting the great man himself!

The attention he begins to pay Faith gets the gossips going, but she is under no illusions. Not even when he invites her (and her father and younger sister) to a house party at his country home. Although the ton may expect that they will return betrothed, Faith has no intention of accepting a proposal from another sportsman even if he had any intention of making one.

Thankfully, Sir Anthony’s friend, Lord Frederick will also be a guest at Sir Anthony’s. Although she doesn’t know him well, the few words he has spoken to her have been more interesting than anything Sir Anthony has ever said. And once they do all get to the country, Lord Frederick’s attentions seem much more focused on her than Sir Anthony’s do. But then, the attention the men at the house are paying her begins to seem odd. Something strange is going on. Something that perhaps has to do with a bet. Faith isn’t sure she can trust a bunch of sportsmen, not even Lord Frederick.

The Celebrated Pedestrian is a sweet book with some charming gentle humor. The conflicts are muted. It’s pretty clear right from the start how the romance will sort out, but it’s an enjoyable process watching the romance progress. If you’re in the mood for a quick book about genuinely nice people who are rewarded with happy outcomes, this is a good choice.


  1. This one definitely sounds like my kind of novel. Thanks for the review.

  2. This sounds like a fun escapist read :)
    I'm interested to see your thoughts on the Autobiography of Malcolm X. I remember reading it as a teenager.