Thursday, November 2, 2023

BOOK REVIEW: Miss Morton and the Spirits of the Underworld by Catherine Lloyd

I received this book for free from Netgalley. That did not influence this review. 

I read book 1 of Catherine Lloyd’s Miss Morton Mysteries series (Miss Morton and the English House Party Murder) so that I would have the background for book 2, Miss Morton and the Spirits of the Underworld. I enjoyed book 2 even more than book 1, but recommend reading them in order.

Miss Caroline Morton and her intrepid employer, Mrs. Frogerton, have returned to London so that Dorothy Frogerton (the daughter) can have a London Season and snare herself a lord. Dr. Harris has also come to London to take a position at the hospital. 

Mrs. Frogerton has visited a medium who supposedly communicates with the dead. Caroline goes with her on a second visit to try to keep her from being defrauded, but is disturbed by a message that seems to be legit – from her dead father. Although Caroline is skeptical, she has to admit the woman has an uncanny talent. She asks Dr. Harris to accompany her on another visit to help convince her it is a scam. When he does, the medium says something that seems to frighten/offend him. They go to pay her yet another call during the daytime and find her dead.

Although there should be plenty of suspects, the investigator is in a hurry and pins the murder on Dr. Harris. Caroline and Mrs. Frogerton know he is innocent, but his gruff demeanor and secrecy do him no favors with the police. It is up to Caroline and Mrs. Frogerton to once again solve the murder(s).

The two sleuths are fun to watch. Caroline’s interactions with Society are interesting, as she is made to go about in Society circles with people who shunned her after her father’s bankruptcy and suicide. And the developing relationship between the calm polite Caroline and the rude Dr. Harris promises an interesting slowly progressing romance.

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