Tuesday, June 20, 2023

BOOK REVIEW: Remember Me by Mary Balogh

I received this book for free from Netgalley. That did not influence this review.

Mary Balogh has a new Regency Romance, Remember Me, book two in the series A Ravenswood Novel. (Book one was Remember Love.)

Lady Philippa Ware, sister of the Earl of Stratton, is finally ready, at age twenty-two, to make her London debut. Mourning her father’s death kept her from having a Season earlier, but more than that, it was a crisis of confidence. At age fifteen, she had learned of her father’s philandering, breaking her heart. The entire family was immersed in scandal. Just as she was beginning to venture out again in public, she overheard a handsome stranger, the Marquess of Roath, who was visiting her town, refer to her as “soiled goods.” For years, she believed this was how society viewed her. Although she now feels ready to tackle Society, she also still has some of that fear.

Lucas Arden is heir to the Duke of Wilby, his grandfather. Lucas was orphaned at fifteen and has spent the last nine or ten years learning the duties that will fall to him. Now, as his elderly grandfather has been diagnosed with a heart condition, Lucas must undertake his most critical duty: marrying and siring an heir to continue the line. He dreads the process of courting because he knows his grandparents will insist upon choosing the appropriate candidate for him, allowing him minimal choice in the matter. And he knows he will follow his grandfather’s dictates even if his heart rebels against them.

As soon as Lucas arrives in London, he finds his aunt is throwing a tea party and he meets a very lovely young woman, the sister of an earl, who would be a perfect candidate if she were not the daughter of Caleb Ware, the late Earl of Stratton. Lucas has his own secret reason for hating the dead earl. He wants nothing to do with the family. The young woman is Philippa. And she wants nothing to do with Lucas. He is (courtesy title) the Marquess of Roath.

Despite this rocky start, the two are thrown together often during the Season. Philippa becomes a great favorite of the Duke of Wilby, who is determined that she will be his grandson’s bride. And while Philippa and Lucas fight against this, it’s clear that they are actually perfect for one another.

Remember Me is another lovely romance by Balogh that dives deep into the hearts of the hero and heroine, surrounding them with a supportive, entertaining cast of family and friends, and pulling at the heartstrings of the reader. I recommend reading book one first, but this one can stand alone.

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