Monday, January 23, 2023

BOOK REVIEW: A Perfect Engagement by Karla Kratovil

A Perfect Engagement by Karla Kratovil is a delightful Regency Romance, the first book in the Maidens of Marbury series.

Charlotte Grisham is a beautiful, tall, buxom young woman, the daughter of a baron, who has spent her whole life trying to please her unpleaseable mother and indifferent father. When she receives a marriage proposal from Miles Weston, Lord Hawksridge, she should finally be able to relax. She has succeeded. Except her mother will not let up. Lady Grisham has planned a house party in the country to announce the engagement and lord it over everyone – her daughter has snared a marquess.

Daniel Weston is Miles’ twin brother. He missed becoming marquess by a few minutes and is grateful for that. He sees what the responsibility has done to his brother. It shocks him that Miles found time to court a wife. Until Miles asks a favor. He’s supposed to go to this engagement house party but he has important business that can’t wait. Will Daniel, his identical twin, go to the party in his place and pose as him for a few days until he can arrive? Daniel thinks it’s a terrible idea, but he does it for his brother.

Charlotte figures out at once that Daniel is not Miles, but no one else does. Humiliated that her intended cannot find a few days to come to their engagement party, she agrees to continue the farce to save face. And soon learns that Daniel is everything Miles is not: charming, attentive, warm. The two fall hard for one another.

The protagonists are good people who belong together. The plot follows their unintentional courtship through the brambles until they are able to sort things out for their HEA. An engaging start to what looks like a wonderful series.

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