Sunday, June 27, 2021

BOOK REVIEW: Dangerous Lover by Mary Lancaster

 Despite my mountainous TBR pile, I’m always thrilled to add a new favorite writer to my list. I’m currently enjoying the Crime and Passion series by Mary Lancaster. I reviewed Book 1 and Book 2 earlier, and just finished Book 3, Dangerous Lover.

The constant in the series is the delightful crime-solving couple, the unconventional Lady Grizelda and her revolutionary-in-exile husband, Dragan Tizsa.

The most recent novel features Alexandra Battle. After following her criminally charming pianist father across Italy, Alexandra takes refuge in London, respectably caring for children as a governess. She’s very good at it. She finds herself hired to look after a six-year-old girl with a penchant for temper tantrums. The girl is the daughter of Sir Nicholas Swan, a man with a shady, rakish past, also recently returned to England from Italy.

The novel follows the expected trajectory as far as the relationship goes, but takes some adventurous detours. Nicholas is not what he seems. Alexandra’s past comes back to haunt her. And Dragan and Griz, while only secondary characters in this book, do come through to help with their usual panache.

This series is loads of fun, with well-developed protagonists and a charming love story.

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