Thursday, December 26, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: Death Comes to the Nursery by Catherine Lloyd

I received this book free from Netgalley. This did not influence my review.

The mystery-solving couple, Lady Kurland (Lucy) and her husband, Robert, have a new murder to solve in Death Comes to the Nursery, the latest novel in the series Kurland St. Mary Mysteries by Catherine Lloyd. (This series is really best read starting at book one. Although this novel could stand alone as a mystery, the significance of the relationships among the characters would be unclear without the backstory.)

Lucy and Robert had finally been blessed with a child in the last book. Now Lucy is pregnant again. More help is needed in the nursery. Lucy interviews a young woman named Polly for the position, and, although put off by Polly’s extraordinary beauty, agrees to give her a trial. Unfortunately, men at Kurland Hall and in the village fall all over themselves and even come to blows while trying to ingratiate themselves with the new nursemaid. Lucy and Robert are both annoyed by the trouble Polly inadvertently (or purposefully?) stirs up. Worse trouble awaits. The woman goes missing and is found dead.

Once again, the couple become sleuths. A coarse, belligerent newcomer, hired at the local tavern, is the prime suspect. But two employees at Kurland Hall, men who had fallen under Polly’s spell, are also under suspicion. When Lucy and Robert learn that Polly was not who she claimed to be, they set off for London to uncover her past.

The cozy mystery series continues to entertain. It wasn’t difficult to guess the culprit, but it was interesting to see how he was eventually unmasked. This is an addictive series!

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