Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: A Pressing Engagement by Anna Lee Huber

In anticipation of Anna Lee Huber’s latest installment of The Lady Darby Mystery series (Book 5: As Death Draws Near), I thought I’d better read her novella, Book 4.5: A Pressing Engagement.

This short, sweet piece continues the love story between talented sleuth Lady Kiera Darby and investigator Sebastien Gage. Despite a rocky start in book 1, they have become detecting partners and have fallen in love. Now, it’s time for their wedding.

The novella would not read well as a stand-alone. Readers need to be aware of the history between the two and to be acquainted with other characters such as Kiera’s concerned sister and the rogue crime boss, Bonnie Brock. But for Lady Darby’s followers, this little book is a treat.

It’s the day before the wedding. Kiera is going out of her mind being coddled by her sister, who is trying to turn the quiet wedding desired by bride and groom into the celebration of the century, or so it seems to Kiera. Fortunately, a little mystery pops up for her and Sebastian to solve to pass the time. The mystery ties together some loose ends left over from a previous book. At the same time, Kiera learns more about what has made Bonnie Brock the man he is.

A Pressing Engagement is a nice "filler." It will be interesting to see how the storyline progresses now that these two detectives are husband and wife.

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