Saturday, June 9, 2012


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My answer:

This is an easy one since I did write a book--YA historical fiction, set in the middle ages. I'm currently working on another in the same genre. Historical fiction is what I most enjoy reading. The middle ages is my favorite period of history. And although I try to read widely, I keep coming back to those knights and castles, the chivalry, the romance, the gore and dirt, and the messy politics. It's also where I want to spend my time when I research and write.


  1. Your book sounds wonderful!, as does your upcoming release.

    I like the middle ages as well, it is such an enchanting time period.

  2. I am a historical fiction fan as well so your book would definately catch my eye as a book to read. Here is a link to my answer:

    I am a new follower

  3. Ooh, that sounds good. I love historical fiction!

  4. I love historical fiction...your book sounds good.

    Saw your name on the Book Blogger Hop and wanted to stop by.

    My answer can be found here:

    Hope you can hop on by.


    Silver's Reviews

  5. I love medieval mysteries too and I have learned a lot of history also.