Friday, December 16, 2011


I'm participating in a new meme (for me) this week -- TGIF hosted by GReads! It's a great way to recap the week and head into the weekend. This week's question is:

Most Popular: What blog post has gotten the most
comments/activity on your blog this year?
I had to go digging for that answer. I guessed it would be a giveaway post, and I was right. It was my Mailbox Monday with Giveaway post for my husband's book Cecelia and Fanny. But I was surprised to find it tied with two other Mailbox Monday posts - like this one for a new old book. 
Overall, the hops and memes get more activity than book reviews.


  1. Seems like lots of answers include giveaway posts! Thanks for visiting!

  2. You are so write about what you said! You're always going to appreciuate a response to something that you have written without prompting and something written to inform and inspire. I think most people find the hops and giveaways to be the greatest traffic generators. I understand why: I mean, isn't that why we do them?