Friday, October 28, 2011

BOOK BLOGGER HOP: Halloween weekend!

Book Blogger Hop

Gearing up for the weekend, it's time for the book blogger hop, hosted by Jen at Crazy for Books. This is a wonderful hop for book bloggers and book lovers. Join us and meet people with a similar passion for books. This is the last week of the hop before an indefinite hiatus so come and hop!

This week's prompt is:

“What is your favorite Halloween costume?
Even if you don’t celebrate, what kinds of costumes do you like?”

My favorite costume(s) is the combo worn by my kids a couple years ago. For several years running they would go as a matched pair of something - which, as a mom of a boy and girl approaching those middle school years, warmed my heart and gave me that bittersweet feeling of "oh, this is so precious, but it isn't going to last." But while it did last, I enjoyed it. One year my daughter wanted to be a mailbox. That's kind of bittersweet in itself. I have pangs of nostalgia as those mailboxes disappear from the landscape. My husband constructed a costume for her out of a big cardboard box. To match, we made my son into a mailman. (This is my Mailbox Monday photo.)

Anyway, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays because it is such fun. One of the joys has been seeing my kids enjoy it together. If only there was a way to bottle that and keep it!

What is your favorite costume?


  1. Oh, that is absolutely precious! Thank you for sharing!

    Happy Halloween!

    The Musings of ALMYBNENR

  2. Oh a mailbox! I love that! Such a unique costume :)

  3. I've wondered about that photo! Lovely knowing the back story. We don't celebrate Halloween in Australia. But every year more and more shops are trying to sell us stuff to pretend that we do. A few years ago we even had some people doorknock. I can't imagine that they got anything from anyone, as noone would expect it.

  4. Adorable! My friend and I went as a pad of paper and a pen one year, so I love combo costumes!

  5. I love when siblings have matched costumes and the mail carrier and mailbox is so unique and different!

  6. I love creative ideas like that - bonus points for ingenuity!

  7. Oh wow THAT Is an original costume! I love it!
    Xpresso Reads