Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I finally had a chance to look at some of the photos we took on vacation (almost 600 - sometimes the whole digital photography thing is not a good idea.)

So here is a smattering. Rather than Notre Dame's gargoyles or the Eiffel Tower which are so much more impressive in real life than in our photos, here are some of our favorite memories:

This is the view from our left bank apartment:
The kids both say Versailles was the best day. There was a special exhibition of thrones going on while we were there and it was packed inside the palace. We could barely shuffle our way through. But outside was gorgeous. It was also Ascension Day, a holiday, so they turned on the fountains in the gardens in the afternoon. A special treat.
The Orange Grove
The Fountain of Apollo

My husband's favorite spot was the catacombs. That's a popular one. It took us three tries to get there on time in a manageable place on line so we could actually get in. But it was worth it.

Finally, I think my favorite was the Tower of John the Fearless. It was out of the way, not at all crowded, steeped with history, and fascinating. (And on the way out, they gave us candy.)

Notice all the sunny blue skies. We didn't have quite such good fortune in Venice. But Venice is so incredibly gorgeous we still took pictures. I'll post some of them in a bit.

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  1. What lovely Paris memories Susan. Any memories of Paris are special in my view of course. We went to Versailles three times on our first visit to France, one of them especially to see the fountains being turned on. It completely changes the experience doesn't it? I've never heard of the Tower of John the Fearless, but have just done a quick google. How much better it sounds in French! Tour Jean Sans Peur. But then doesn't everything? It was quite close to where we stayed in Paris last year, but remained completely hidden. I think I would have noticed it too, as the architecture is so completely different to the rest of central Paris. It sounds fascinating, will definitely put it on the list for a future visit. And free French candy! It doesn't come any better than that.