Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tracking my challenges. Any Advice?

Here's a question for my fellow bloggers who have participated in reading challenges in the past: how do you put those little bars underneath the pictures that track the percentage of your progress?

I've browsed through the various gadgets available in blogger but nothing looked close. I tried googling for help, but I can't seem to come up with the right combination of words for what those things are even called.

This is giving me a bad case of technology envy.

Is this something that requires lots of time and venturing into using code? Or is it just finding the write gadget to insert?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


  1. Hi Susan~ I had a similar problem & seemed to find the easiest solution to be this:

    Go to:

    Type in total books read so far in the 1st box and total books intended to be read in the 2nd box. Change the colour code in the 3rd box if you want. The default code is blue. (Google "colour html codes" for the combo of letters & numbers that go after the "#".) Click Calculate. Copy the code in the box that appears below. In Blogger, under Design, add a gadget, select HTML/Javascript, and paste the code in. Change the word "words" to "books." Save & move the gadget under your challenge button gadget. Create one of these codes for each of your challenges & voila! Organization awaits :)

  2. You're looking for a word counter widget. See if there's something useful here: Writertopia. :)

    Marian Allen

  3. Parajunkee did a post about this here:

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks so much! Looks like I have now a great project for a Sunday afternoon.