Friday, December 17, 2010

FRIDAY- ANYTHING GOES: What's your sign?

I only had posts planned for KY author week to run through Thursday, ending with golden oldies. I wasn't planning a Friday post, but decided to put this one up just for fun.

I am not horoscope reader - usually. But I do read the comics page of the morning paper while eating my breakfast and occasionally my eyes stray to the right to check out what the stars have in store for me. The generic fortune-cookie like horoscopes are sometimes momentarily entertaining but almost always forgettable. Except every once in awhile, one jumps out as being bizarrely apt.

I loved this one for my son: You do like to be entertained, and yet the activity level need not always be at such a high. You'll enjoy kicking back and doing quite a bit of nothing at all.

But the one that really caught my eye was this one of mine a few months ago: While traveling down the road, you may realize that you're just as much a hazard to the traffic on the right of you as you are to the traffic on your left.

What kind of horoscope is that!?!  And why did I feel it was speaking directly to me?

How about you? Has a generic newspaper horoscope ever seemed peculiarly on the mark?


  1. One time, as an experiment, I tried reading a different signs horoscope for a month to see if it applied to me or not.
    I found a surprising amount of it did!
    I'm a Capricorn, so my horoscope is always full of depressing messages like, "You love money and hate people. A business opportunity is coming your way." Feh.

    That is a great one that you mentioned, "You're as much as hazard to traffic on the right, as to the left." It almost sounds like a Chinese proverb. I like it!

  2. You should read "Beetle Meets Destiny". It has a hillarious explanation on horoscopes.