Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to Reading World!

Welcome to my blog.

Reading World is a peek into my alternate universe. It's where I go to escape from real life. When I’m bored, stressed, freaking out—or even when I’m on vacation and relaxing in a beautiful place—I grab a book. I have an incredible talent (ask my husband) for blocking out the real world when I read. I don’t hear the phone ring or smell food burning or hear kids saying "mom, mom, mom." (Although I did hear babies cry. And I do hear my pager go off or kids yelping, "MOM!" I’m not a bad person.)

Prior to the release of my book, I had no clue there were so many bloggers who not only shared my passion for reading but who also got out there and told people about books they’d read! A year or so ago, I could honestly say I’d never read a book based on a blog recommendation. How quickly that’s changed.

Inspired by these dedicated bloggers, I decided to take the plunge and start blogging myself. This decision was not made lightly. I considered the pros and cons and questioned my motivations. Does the world really need another book review blog? Does it need mine? Do I have time to invest in such an enormous undertaking? Isn’t this just a form of procrastination? Am I avoiding housework?

No, No, Definitely not, and Most likely yes and Yes.

Nevertheless, here I am anyway, so I guess I just need to get it out of my system.
Here are my ground rules.

1. I’m not going to review books I didn’t like. I realize how subjective this is. I might point out some things I had problems with in a book I did like. But if you find that this blog is full of positive reviews and decide that invalidates my opinion because I never dislike a book– that’s not true. There are plenty of books I’d rather just not discuss.

2. This site will primarily feature historical fiction, YA fiction, and (surprise, surprise) YA historical fiction. But, don’t be surprised if random other books get thrown in for no apparent reason. Sometimes I like to read outside my box.

3. I hope to impose some structure on the site. I am currently envisioning historical fiction on Mondays, YA on Wednesdays and oldies on Thursdays, with other things worked in more randomly and occasional theme weeks. That’s the plan, but it’s subject to change depending on how well I can juggle this whole blogging adventure.

4. Giveaways/contests: I hope to work in a few. I haven’t quite decided on the rules for those yet.

So that’s it for the setting the stage. Tomorrow I’ll post my first review!

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  1. Looks great, Susan! I'll be sure to come here for some reviews!