Saturday, July 18, 2020

BOOK REVIEW: The Lincoln Conspiracy by Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch

My book group is meeting virtually tonight to discuss our latest pick, The Lincoln Conspiracy. The Secret Plot to Kill America’s 16th president and Why It Failed, by Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch.

Before Lincoln took office, a determined group of southern white supremacists, who feared the government was coming to take away their slaves, decided the only thing to do was assassinate Lincoln before his inauguration. Fortunately, their plans were leaked. Allan Pinkerton, a well-established private detective with a strong agency (including women agents) signed on to investigate the plot and protect Lincoln.

The book is a solidly researched quick read that sets up the plot with interesting period detail. Although the outcome is known, it is nevertheless gripping to watch the events unfold.

The Lincoln Conspiracy is a strong addition to the vast field of history about Abraham Lincoln.